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35 multifandom icons by satinelight

Nikita, Once upon a time, Hannibal, Grimm, Tudors, Merlin, Game of thrones, Lost girl, Batman, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, Enki Bilal,  Teen Wolf, Arrow, Rose Mcgowan, stock.


1-7 were made for the7days
8 was the first icon of my infinished the7days set for 7 Opposites. This icon is called Sansa Killer (the blood cap is from Dexter).
9-11 are made for au_rooms. They show Hades, Danu and Hecate.
12 is for elitesimplicity, but I have to take 38 instead, because I can't use text there.
13-15 were made for heroicon. It's the only place, where I can icon my fave Enki Bilal's 'Nikopol Trilogy'.
18-21 were made for theskilldrill. 18 is hard light. 19-21 - color fiils.
22-28 were made for my Nikita battle with imaginary_lives, theroguepanda, nyaza, vampire_sessah, everythingshiny & burntheflaws.
Credit/ don't change/ hotlink is ok/ comments are love watch/ affiliate?
Tags: arrow, batman, doctor who, enki bilal, game of thrones, grimm, hannibal, lost girl, nikita, once upon a time, rose mcgowan, stock, teen wolf, the hunger games, tudors. merlin
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