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84 multifandom icons by satinelight

14 x Grimm
13 x Once upon a time
8 x True Blood
7 x Nikita
4 x Legend of the Seeker, Whedonverse, The Vampire Diaries
3 x Hannibal, Triangle
2 x Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Host, Beautiful Creatures
1 x Thor, Dark Angel, Gossip Girl, the Hunger Games, Warm Bodies, Fringe,  Malificent, Fight club, the Matrix, Oz the Great and Powerful, Arrow, the Phantom of the Opera, Brave, Downton Abbey, Scandal, Bones

Once upon a time
True Blood
Legend of the Seeker
Whedonverse (Dollhouse, Firefly)
The Vampire Diaries
Hannibal, Sherlock
Triangle (i'm unsure), Game of Thrones
The Host, Beautiful Creatures, Thor
Dark Angel, Gossip Girl, the Hunger Games, Warm Bodies, Fringe
Malificent, Fight club, the Matrix, Oz the Great and Powerful, Arrow
the Phantom of the Opera, Brave, Bones, Downton Abbey, Scandal
Textless alts

Includes entries for capchallenge trueblood_elite elite_no1 thevampdiaelitethe7daysouat_elite and for the challenes on my new art forum http://ps-master.ru/
I can write a tutorial (if the whole coloring is mine, 'cause I sometimes use some layers from the psds of my friends, and it's possible to write) or give you any psd if you ask.
Credit/ don't change/ hotlink is ok/ comments are love| watch/ affiliate?
Tags: arrow, beautiful creatures, bones, brave, dark angel, dollhouse, downton abbey, fight club, firefly, fringe, game of thrones, gossip girl, grimm, hannibal, hunger games, legend of the seeker, malificent, once upon a time, oz the great and the powerful, scandal, sherlock, the host, the matrix, the phantom of the opera, thor, triangle, true blood, vampire diaries, warm bodies, whedonverse
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